New Year New Ventures

New Year New Ventures

Posted by Frenchaire on 26th Dec 2019

This month was filled with beautiful moments. I am just so grateful to be back home with my mama after spending 8 long years away in St. Louis, Missouri. Although family and community was created for me, there is nothing like being with your mom and eating her home cooked meals. I was homesick. This summer I took a job to teach English in China. I was so excited, I sold and gave away mostly everything that I owned in preparation for the move. That was a supper stressful time but I got it done. Decided to go back to Dallas to visit with family and friends before leaving to go overseas for a year.

Well I wasn't expecting to find my mama in such a fragile state so I decided that I would stay and take care of her. What a blessing it's been to share space with her. I have learned more about her in these past few months than I had in a lifetime. If your parents are still living cherish them, spend time with them. You will miss them when they are gone.

Anyways, I am writing this blog to celebrate the publishing of my first children's book titled Mommy and Daddy Do You Still Love Me? Self-published by my brand Be And Us LLC available for you to purchase on Amazon Kindle. I am still working on the paperback. My sister friend will be illustrating it and I am super excited about that. Her art is dynamic and I've been working with her for a couple of years now. So stay tuned the paperback will be available for purchase soon. The book was inspired by a dream I had last week. The children I bore are adopted by another family due to unforseen circumstances. I am grateful all 4 of them are growing up together. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about Joseph Jr., Frenchaire-Two, Melchizedek Malcolm X and Sarai. This story tells apart of our story while stating that yes birth parents still love their children after they are adopted by other families.

I am grateful to all of YOU my future readers. Thank you for your reviews and purchases. You are amazing.  Make it a great year in 2020.  Cheers.