New Year New Ventures

New Year New Ventures

Posted by Frenchaire on 26th Dec 2019

This month was filled with beautiful moments. I am just so grateful to be back home with my mama after spending 8 long years away in St. Louis, Missouri. Although family and community was created fo … read more

Cleaning Your Copper Jewelry Naturally

Posted by Be And Us LLC on 28th May 2019

I have bought a lot of copper jewelry over time.  If you’ve noticed after some time, they lose their shine and glisten. Pharaoh Gerumba shares with us a simple way to clean your jewelry with hot … read more
Depression:  More Than Just The Blues

Depression: More Than Just The Blues

Posted by Frenchaire on 19th May 2019

32nd Episode of A New You Can Use Podcast discusses depression for Mental Health Awareness Month.We don’t talk about mental health enough in our communities but it’s a prevalent issue.How are you han … read more